For that combo only! So if you have qualified one horse and have another horse you have to qualify the other horse as well. And of the horse gets a new rider it has to qualify again, so you can’t buy a made horse and just start at PSG/Int 1/GP straight away. classisyours

That’s the same as us then! Also, if you qualify for say PSG and then don’t score over 62% in PSG within 2 years your qualification is cancelled and you have to move down again. I think that maybe it’s a little harsh but also good since that means that the pairs riding at a certain level are up for it!

Qualification and scoring

I was looking through old results and shows in general, one thing I kept noticing was that in the US who don’t require that you qualify to go up a level there would be a lot of scores at 45-50% which to me would be an indication that the pair is not ready to compete at that level. So now I wonder what the rules are like in other countries? Hit me followers, I love to hear about these things and how it works. I also want to hear what you think about the system where you are, is it good or bad?

Sometimes I get worried if I will pull this off and make the most of Callie’s potential, if maybe she is too big for me? But then some days she gives me a great feeling. This is so hard!


Chance and I had a fantastic week at the 2014 North American Young Rider Championships. We won Team Gold as part of an astounding Region 7 team which included Anna Buffini, Cassidy Gallman and Lindsey Brewin. Chance and I scored a career high of 72% to help our team to the top of the podium. We also won the Young Rider Individual Gold Medal with a 71.789% and the Young Rider Freestyle Gold Medal with a 72.525%. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible for me! I am so fortunate to have an amazing support team behind me and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude!

Woohoo congrats! I saw the scores on eurodressage, what a weekend for you!