Swedish Dressage Girl

My dressage journey, from a tiny pony all the way to Nationals, in pictures and rants, mixed up with reblogs pf pretty dressage horses. I'm mostly doing this for myself to remember, but I hope you might enjoy them to! I'm going to keep this blog strictly about dressage, feel free to message me any thoughts or questions, I answer everything!


Dressage people-

By your experience, how hot are the horses that make it to the top levels? I’ve heard it expressed by many of the Dressage people I’ve been around that one of the main reasons that horses don’t make it to Grand Prix level is they aren’t hot enough and therefore don’t have the energy to do some of the movements/ things required.

The ones I have say on have been two types: tanks, always always going forward, and super sensitive more spooky types. There is the odd nice and calm schoolmaster but usually they are hot hot hot and VERY forward. They really need a lot of power and strength to do all those movements.

Home from my holiday, tomorrow I get to see Callie again!

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