1. Is it just me who don’t like tail coats with low rise breeches? I mean ok you don’t have to have them tucked in your arm pits but do they HAVE to basically hang off your hips??

  2. So the boyfriend officially got offered the job in London. Well I guess I can visit at weekends…?

  3. dressagedawg:

    If weareescapingvelocity and swedishdressage could stop blowing up my phone with nonsense while I’m busy trying to be a productive horse mom that’d be great.


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  4. weareescapingvelocity:

    swedishdressage and I are hilarious you guys have no idea.

    We will pay for this, I can feel it.

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  5. Also, we met a roe deer on our hack today. And by “met” I mean it came crashing out of the forest right in front of us. Kudos to my brave 5 year old who did not bolt, but rather engaged in a stare down.

  6. Deer flies, so many deer flies. I feel violated

  7. paintthesky69 replied to your photoset “You guys… They have the gold and silver ones in full boots as well…..”

    I had a pair of br pro max…caused white hairs on my black horses legs after using them 3 times, I was not amused, luckily got compensation from the company, but it’s not a nice sight to have black legs with white scartissue hairs….

    That’s terrible! Mine are a different brand but same sort of model, I hope that sodesn’t happen to me because I love them. Hopefully yours were faulty or something? Good that they compensated you but still…

  8. Let’s see what the lady will think of this!

    Let’s see what the lady will think of this!

  9. You guys… They have the gold and silver ones in full boots as well.. My heart. GIMME.

  10. piaffepassage replied to your post “have you heard anything about the Kentucky Horsewear dressage boots? I’m eyeing them but not sure what to get…”

    Also these are like my fluff ones and they are so awesome especially with the reinforcement at the back to protect the tendon <3

    I looove the hard shell, it makes them fit so nicely too, I don’t think I will ever want any other type of boots!


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