Swedish Dressage Girl

My dressage journey, from a tiny pony all the way to Nationals, in pictures and rants, mixed up with reblogs pf pretty dressage horses. I'm mostly doing this for myself to remember, but I hope you might enjoy them to! I'm going to keep this blog strictly about dressage, feel free to message me any thoughts or questions, I answer everything!

Almost had a meltdown yesterday when I realised there is only 3 more qualifiers left before Scandinavian Open and one of those is 9 hours away. Then I realised she doesn’t have to qualify at an official qualifier, any regional show will do. Ok, BREATHE.

Hi! This is in regards to people wearing shirts rather than show jackets at NAJYRC. I'm not trying to attack you or insult you in anyway however I was there last year. It is not only the heat but the humidity, the humidity was actually 80% and people were getting dehydrated quickly. I know of one girl who was struggling to breathe during her ride and in the past I know a girl passed out in the middle of her test.
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